2019-05-26SundayWhen Love Reveals The Person I Am
2019-05-19SundayLetting God Lead Me
2019-05-12SundayGod Is Speaking, Are You Listening?
2019-05-05SundayA Heart That Hears God Speak
2019-04-28SundayWalking Through God's Door To Freedom
2019-04-21SundayThe Only Answer For Today Is Easter
2019-04-14SundayThe Influence Of An Individual
2019-04-07SundayA Story Of Hell
2019-03-31SundayLove In Action
2019-03-24SundayYour Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven
2019-03-17SundayGoing Forward Through Daring Faith
2019-03-10SundayWaiting Fearlessly On God By Daring Faith
2019-03-03SundayThe Benefits Of Generosity Through Daring Faith
2019-02-24SundayMining The Depths Of The Spiritual Life Through Daring Faith
2019-02-17SundayCourageous Commitment Through Daring Faith
2019-02-10SundayAdventurous Planting By Daring Faith
2019-02-03SundayFearlessly Giving My All To God Through Daring Faith
2019-01-27SundayThe Courage To Imagine Through Daring Faith
2019-01-20SundayDeveloping Implicit Trust With Daring Faith
2019-01-13SundayHow To Get Ready For A Miracle With Daring Faith
2019-01-06SundayWhat Happens When You Have Daring Faith
2018-12-30SundaySurround Yourself With The Presence Of God
2018-12-23SundayLight For Your Dark Days
2018-12-16SundayThe Commitments Of A Deacon
2018-12-09SundayChanging God's Way
2018-12-02SundayDeveloping Your Patience
2018-11-25SundayThe Choice To Rejoice
2018-11-18SundayLiving The Good Life
2018-11-11SundayDeveloping Self-Control
2018-11-04SundayPutting On A Little Kindness
2018-10-28SundayBecoming A More Loving Person
2018-10-21SundayBe Gentle Without Going Mental
2018-10-14SundayPeaceful Living In An Uptight World
2018-10-07SundayThe Word Of Trust
2018-09-30SundayAll Things New
2018-09-23SundayMoving Toward Maturity
2018-09-16SundayThe Word Of Victory
2018-09-09SundayThe Word Of Humanity
2018-09-02SundayThe Word Of Substitution
2018-08-26SundayThe Word Of Love
2018-08-19SundayFive Life Truths For Eternity
2018-08-12SundayThe Word Of Forgiveness
2018-08-05SundayYou Are Important To God
2018-07-29SundayLiving In The Spirit
2018-07-22SundayThe Fervency Of Our Faith
2018-07-15SundayFour Dangerous Attitudes Concerning The Devil
2018-07-08SundayA Joy Unshaken
2018-07-04WednesdayAmerica's Only Hope Is God
2018-07-01SundayHeading For The Future
2018-06-24SundaySeven Reasons Why Salvation Cannot Be Lost
2018-06-17SundaySouvenirs From The Cross
2018-06-10SundayChrist, Our City Of Refuge
2018-06-03SundayHow To Maintain A Life Of Victory
2018-05-27SundayBring Back The Glory Of America
2018-05-20SundayThree Sides Of The Cross
2018-05-13SundayThe Hope Of The Christian Church
2018-05-06SundayThe Christian And The World
2018-04-29SundayA Place Called Heaven
2018-04-22SundayThe Numbered Days Of Our Life
2018-04-15SundayFive Redeeming Gifts Of God's Amazing Grace
2018-04-08SundayFacing Our Darkest Hour
2018-04-01SundayGod’S Unending Love For You!
2018-03-25SundayThe Prayer Of Blessing
2018-03-18SundayThe Prayer Of Protection
2018-03-11SundayThe Prayer Of Release
2018-03-04SundayThe Prayer Of Cleansing
2018-02-25SundayThe Prayer Of Dependence
2018-02-18SundayThe Prayer Of Recognition
2018-02-11SundayThe Prayer Of Surrender
2018-02-04SundayThe Prayer Of Connection
2018-01-28SundayThe Fields Of Harvest
2018-01-21SundayThe Only Gospel Message
2018-01-14SundayHow To Know God Intimately
2018-01-07SundayAn Undeniable Truth Part 2
2017-12-31SundayAn Undeniable Truth
2017-12-24SundayEnjoying A Fear-Not Christmas
2017-12-17SundayPurpose Of Christmas, Part 3
2017-12-10SundayThe Purpose Of Christmas, Part 2
2017-12-03SundayThe Purpose Of Christmas
2017-11-19SundayHow To Obtain Financial Freedom
2017-11-12SundayEmploying Your Experience
2017-11-05SundayYou've Got Personality
2017-10-29SundayDefrost Your Frozen Assets
2017-10-22SundayLiving Your Heart's Desire
2017-10-15SundayUnwrapping My Spiritual Gifts
2017-10-08SundayHow God Has Made You Unique
2017-10-01SundayHow To Break Satan's Strongholds In Your Life
2017-09-24SundayThe Danger Of A Stagnant Heart
2017-09-17SundayThe Holder Of The Keys And Our Destiny
2017-08-27SundayLiving In The Center Of Hell's Community
2017-08-21SundayWhen You Seek Heaven, You'll Catch Hell
2017-08-20SundayWhen You Seek Heaven, You'll Catch Hell
2017-08-13SundayOne Lord, One Word, One Way
2017-08-12SundayOne Lord, One Word, One Way
2017-07-09SundayPraise To God Who Reigns Above
2017-07-02SundayAmerica: A Nation Enslaved By Thorns
2017-05-28SundayAcquiring The Power Of The Word Of God.
2017-04-23SundayBuilding A Bridge To Your Family
2017-04-16SundayAn Empty Tomb: The Promise Of Hope!
2017-04-15Friday5 Life Truths For Eternity
2017-04-14Friday5 Life Truths For Eternity
2017-04-12WednesdayThe Church's Hope
2017-04-09SundayBuilding A Bridge For Stronger Relationships Through Anger & Conflict
2017-04-05WednesdayGod's Call, My Life
2017-04-02SundayBuilding A Bridge With Your Words
2017-03-31FridayRevival - 5
2017-03-30ThursdayRevival - 4
2017-03-29WednesdayRevival - 3
2017-03-28TuesdayRevival - 2
2017-03-27MondayRevival - 1
2017-03-26SundayBuilding A Bridge In Your Marriage
2017-03-22WednesdayThe Prayer Of Cleansing
2017-03-19SundayBecoming A Bridge Builder
2017-03-15WednesdayWhen Heaven Meets The Heart - 4
2017-03-12SundayDecisions That Determine Destiny
2017-03-05SundayRevive Us Again
2017-02-26SundayA River Of Revival
2017-02-22WednesdayWhen Heaven Meets The Heart - 1
2017-02-19SundayGiants In The Pathway Of Dreams
2017-02-15WednesdayHow Can I Know God's Will
2017-02-12SundayTransforming How I See & Use Money!
2017-02-05SundayFacing The Fears That Ruin Relationships!
2017-01-29SundayHow To Deal With How You Feel!
2017-01-22SundayChange Your Life By Changing Your Mind
2017-01-15SundayFrom Stressed To Blessed
2017-01-08SundayHow To Get Closer To God
2017-01-01SundaySeven Spiritual Habits That Reduce Stress
2016-12-04SundayWhen God Messes Up Your Plans
2016-11-27SundayUsing My Treasures Wisely
2016-11-20SundayWhat We Have To Be Thankful For!
2016-10-09SundayThe Nail Scarred Hands
2016-09-11SundayHow A Leader Plans
2016-09-04SundayWhen You've Drifted Away From God
2016-08-28SundayWhat Is Resurrection Power?
2016-08-28SundayThe Leader's Prayer Life
2016-08-21SundayThe Making Of A Leader
2016-08-17WednesdayGod's Amazing Grace
2016-08-14SundayLive Self-Controlled In This Present Age
2016-08-07SundayFive Ways To Draw Closer To Jesus
2016-08-03WednesdayWhat Is Life?
2016-07-31SundayHow To Stick Together When The World Comes Apart
2016-07-24SundayHow To Pray About Your Problems
2016-07-17SundayHow To Develop Patience
2016-07-10SundayHow To Be Wise With Your Wealth
2016-07-03SundayPreparation For The Lord's Supper
2016-06-26SundayHow To Face Your Future
2016-06-19SundayHow To Quit Playing God
2016-06-12SundayHow To Avoid Arguments
2016-06-05SundayWisdom Is A Lifestyle
2016-05-29SundayHow To Manage Your Mouth
2016-05-22SundayHow To Have Real Faith: Faith Versus Works
2016-05-18WednesdayThe Principles Of Prayer
2016-05-15SundayHow To Treat People Right
2016-05-08SundayHow To Be Blessed By The Bible
2016-05-04WednesdayThe Healing Power Of Prayer
2016-04-24SundayJames, Faith In Action 2
2016-04-17SundayJames: Faith In Action
2016-03-13SundayWhy God Doesn't Reject Believers When They Sin
2016-03-06SundayThe Restoring Power Of God's Amazing Grace
2016-02-29SundayThe Amazing Power Of God's Grace Of Forgiveness
2016-02-10WednesdayFour Foundational Truths For A Healty Spiritual Life (1)
2016-02-07SundayThe Amazing Power Of God's Sustaining Grace (3)
2016-01-31SundayOur Guilt And The Power Of God's Amazing Grace
2016-01-24SundayOvercoming Brokenness Through The Amazing Power Of Grace
2016-01-17SundayWhat It Means To Have Faith
2016-01-13WednesdayA New Way Of Thinking
2016-01-10SundayA Life Changing Experience
2016-01-03SundayGetting Ready To Be Used By God In 2016
2015-12-27SundayGetting To Be Used By God In 2016
2015-12-24ThursdayChristmas Eve Candle Light Service
2015-12-06SundaySearching For A Savior
2015-12-03WednesdayA Message For All Time
2015-11-29SundayThe Gift Of God To You
2015-11-22SundayGod's Way Of Meeting My Needs
2015-11-18WednesdayThe Mission Of Possibility
2015-11-15SundayHonoring God With My Giving
2015-11-11WednesdayWhat Makes A Hero?
2015-11-08SundayDanger Signs: Entering The Debt Trap
2015-11-04WednesdayA Healing Touch For A Shattered Confidence
2015-11-01SundayAvoiding A Financial Collapse
2015-10-25SundayUsing What Confused Me!
2015-10-18SundayMoving From Commitment To Lifestyle
2015-10-11SundayReinvesting In Relationships
2015-10-04SundayWhat Honesty Can Do For You
2015-09-30WednesdayHow Long Should I Keep Praying?
2015-09-27SundayReleasing My Grip
2015-09-13SundayThe Prescription For Getting Healthy "Hope"
2015-09-09WednesdayTrue Christian Spirituality
2015-09-06SundayMaking An Appointment With The Doctor
2015-09-02WednesdayWhat Kind Of Life Is The Christian Life?
2015-08-30SundayHis Strength Is Perfect In Our Weaknesses
2015-08-26WednesdayThe Hope Of The Christian Church
2015-08-23SundayThe Five Keys To Peace Of Mind
2015-08-16SundayHow To Deal With Disappointment
2015-08-12WednesdayFrom Dead End To Deliverance
2015-08-09SundayHow To Be Blessed Through Sacrifice
2015-08-09SundayHow To Be Blessed Through Sacrifice
2015-08-02SundayHow To Have Satisfaction In Your Life
2015-07-29WednesdayHow To Go Through A Delay By Design
2015-07-26SundayHow To Live A Stress Free Life
2015-07-22WednesdayHow To Make Wise Decisions
2015-07-19SundayHow To Have A Successful Life
2015-07-19SundayHow To Have A Successful Life
2015-07-12SundayHow To Let Go Of Your Past
2015-07-08WednesdayHow Does God Build My Faith?
2015-07-05AppreciationMilitary Appreciation Program
2015-07-05SundayHow To Stand Firm In Your Joy
2015-06-28SundayHow To Be The Man Of God
2015-06-21SundayWhat Kind Of Father Is God
2015-06-14SundayHow To Shine Without The Whine
2015-06-10WednesdayAnchors Of Eternal Security
2015-06-07SundayChanging Me
2015-06-03WednesdayEternal Security
2015-05-31SundayHow To Reduce Conflict With Others
2015-05-27WednesdayOur Integrity And Your Influence
2015-05-24SundayHow To Maintain Your Joy
2015-05-20WednesdayThe Truth About Heaven
2015-05-17SundayHow To Enjoy The People In Your Life
2015-05-10SundayFrom Mindless To Kindness
2015-05-03SundayThe Hope Of The Christian Church
2015-04-26SundayConnected & Effective
2015-04-15RevivalGrace, Part 1
2015-04-12SundayHow Can I Know God's Will?
2015-04-05SundayWhat Difference Does The Resurrection Make?
2015-03-29SundayWhen Life Doesn’T Fit
2015-03-22SundayExpecting The Best From A Life Of Faith
2015-03-15SundayRubbing Each Other; The Right Way
2015-03-11WednesdayIt Takes Courage To Make A Difference
2015-03-08SundayHow To Be Blessed By God
2015-03-01SundayWhen Christ Is All
2015-02-22SundayHow To Hear God Speak
2015-02-08SundayFacing The Storms Of Life: How To Have Confidence In A Crisis
2015-01-25SundayDon’T Let Your Doubts Defeat You!
2015-01-11SundayThe Marks Of A Mature Person